Heroku Repo Size and Slug Size increase with each deployment. Why?

I change some text in my application and deploy new version with

git push heroku master

But everytime I push, it increase a lot. I write here the increasement after each deploy.

168.2 KB
37.9 MB

178.6 KB
38.7 MB

187 KB
39.4 MB

194 KB
40.2 MB

205.3 KB
40.9 MB

232.8 KB
41.8 MB

277.9 KB
42.4 MB

286.5 KB
43 MB

If i select all my folders in my app project (including public/, tmp/ and log/ that I ignore with slugignore e gitignore) total size is only 198 KB.

Why all this?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Heroku Repo Size and Slug Size increase with each deployment. Why?”

    It’s most likely due to build cache. To speed up build process, Heroku downloads dependencies, and over time it gets built up.

    Use their repo plugin to purge build cache, and re-deploy. You will see the slug size being lowered.


    Here is more about their build cache: https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/git#build-cache

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