fail to clone repository from open shift server

after installing red hot client tools and git (windows) i am trying to clone the repository created on the server for my application, but I am getting this error: Permission denied (publickey,gssapi-keyex,gssapi-with-mic). fatal: Could not read from remote repository. I have verified that the fingerprints of keys stored locally and used on server for my […]

Git branch behind remote after rebase

I’m getting in problems with git. I wanted to rebase a branch hotfix over master local and remote, both, so this is what I did. git checkout hotfix git pull hotfix #just getting someone changes git fetch origin master git rebase origin/master After a long time resolving conflicts and rebuilding project I have it working […]

Is it possible to change the contents of the commentted part of the commit message when adding a commit in git?

I don’t want to change the actual commit message, I want to change the template for the commented text displayed while entering the commit message. For example this: # Please enter the commit message for your changes. Lines starting # with ‘#’ will be ignored, and an empty message aborts the commit. # On branch […]

Is it possible to remove a file from history using interactive git rebase?

There’s an old commit in my local repository which added some files, including one called “unwanted.txt”. In subsequent commits, that file has been modified, along with others. Is it possible to completely remove the file “unwanted.txt” from history using interactive git rebase? I know it’s possible to achieve this using “git filter-branch”, but since I […]

Cannot add a new package on julia

I’m trying to add a new package on Julia. The name of the package is DataFrames.jl. To add this package, I’ve run the julia, and simply type Pkg.add(“DataFrames”). Unfortunately, when I do that, I got the following errors: julia> Pkg.add(“DataFrames”) error: bad index file sha1 signature fatal: index file corrupt ERROR: failed process: Process(`git –work-tree=~/theuserxxx/.julia/v0.4/METADATA […]

What does PHP Composer provide that Git Submodules does not?

I am working on a project that uses Composer ( to reference various PHP libraries. I am also using git submodules ( to reference various JavaScript libraries (where the libraries point at particular release tags, e.g., “v1.2.34”). In order to simplify the project, I am considering ditching Composer in favour of only using submodules unless […]

Git problems, 'git not installed'

I have set up my github account, configured it with SSH and now I am trying to retrieve group work from gitlab. I have managed to pull the work so that it is on my machine but when I go to bundle install I encounter an error. It says that I need to install git […]

How to remove commit remotely after another commits

A git status gives me something like this: commit XXXXX Author: AAAA Date: Thu Feb 4 16:47:06 2016 -0500 commit YYYYY Author: BBBB Date: Thu Feb 4 16:47:05 2016 -0500 commit ZZZZZ Author: CCCC Date: Thu Feb 4 16:47:04 2016 -0500 I only want to remove changes introduced by YYYYY, that is, I want to […]

Perfect merge chronologically master and branch in Git

I have a simple repository with two branches: master and branch branch has been created a long time ago and commits have been accumulated on both branches. There are two main ways to merge: merge and rebase merge. I won’t describe first case, I’m interested in second. rebase merge will apply branch commits just after […]

permission denied when cloning from GitLab repo hosted on an Amazon EC2 instance

I can’t push to/clone from a GitLab running on an Amazon EC2 instance. Here is what I did so far Created a keypair on my local machine Created a project in Gitlab (my GitLab user has owner-permissions) Add my public key in the webconfig of my user in Gitlab When I try to clone that […]

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