How to show Repository History Graph in VS 2017?

I am using Git with Visual Studio 2017 (Professional at Work and Community at Home). I visited and saw that graph is available in Visual Studio Commit History. Borrowed from link: but I can see my commits like this (also borrowed from link) How to enable it?

Git: How to reattach a branch to its trunk?

I’d like to port a solution with several branches off a master branch from TFS to Git. I’ve tried using Git-Tfs to port the solution and maintain the branch relationships, but the best I can do without the tool erroring out is to get a copy of the entire containing folder with separate subfolders for […]

How to enable Git terminal begin with home directory in Windows?

This question already has an answer here: How to make Git-bash command line start up with home directory? 2 answers

Escaping space in directory name while doing git sparse checkout

Trying to use the git sparse checkout in jenkins. But this thing doesn’t seem to like the ways which i am trying use to get a sub-directory with space in the name. E.g. i am trying to get the folder: /foo/bar baz/folder/desired_folder I have already tried like so with no luck: “/foo/bar baz/folder/desired_folder” /foo/bar\ baz/folder/desired_folder […]

Could not push–Failed to connect to port 443: Connection refused

I am getting this error while trying to pull or push in my repo fatal: unable to access ‘******/*****.git/’: Failed to connect to port 443: Connection refused. The problem is I am not using any proxy It works once in a while but usually it shows this error I am using ubuntu 16.04 LTS […]

Powershell Command to Run “git gc” in all sub-directories that are git repos

I don’t know any PowerShell, but I do know how to search, copy and paste. I think the following command will run “git gc” for all sub-directories that are git repos. dir -recurse -include .git | %{ git -C “$_.FullName\..” gc } Any issues? I am using the “git -C” functionality to set the directory […]

How to move local Git repository (with history) to be managed by Gitosis on remote server?

I’m switching from SVN to Git with Gitosis installed on a central server for centralized repositories on Ubuntu server. I have had all my SVN repositories moved and initiated into new Git repositories, and also had all history moved to Git. Now that I have all the repositories migrated to Git, I want to add […]

How do I fix these spurious git commits?

I made an error when I was working and wound up with a commit tree I didn’t want. Right now, things look like this: [master] A — B — C — D \ \ C’ — D’ [HEAD] I want to wind up like this: [master, HEAD] A — B — C — D How […]

Force GIT Pull without commiting

I do a git pull and I get merge conflicts. I resolve the merge conflicts manually and issues a pull again but Git refuses to do it as Git is still thinking that there are merge conflicts. Is there any way to force Git to perform a pull again and make it look for “diffs” […]

mass-change email addresses on git with github

I have recently cloned an hg repo to git so i can post it on github. Lots of the email addresses are wrong and I would like to use git rebase to change them before anyone forks this project. If i change them how do I go about pushing the new, completely rebased repo to […]

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