How can I change the default credentials for Git commit?

I am committing code using TortoiseGit, but I do not have access to the git repository which am committing I want to use other persons username and password to commit. Each time I commit, the commit did not happen because it tries to commit using my credential (Current logged in win user). I want to […]

Git rebase against a release branch for things like hotfixes and patches

At work we use a develop branch for day-to-day work – new features, bug fixes, et al. When we are ready to release, we merge the devleop branch into master, tag, and release. If we are needing to do a hotfix which needs to be released immediately, we create a branch off master, apply changes, […]

Git ignore ANY changes to a git repository

Problem: The way to do it on a per file basis is as follows: git update-index –assume-unchanged <file> But for performance reasons as soon as I initialize a git repository I want to ignore any changes to any file that will be added to the repo. Solution: A solution for this is to put a […]

Android studio git unexpected status r091

I noticed very strange error (bug). Someone in the team renamed or moved some files in the project (via Refactoring), commited and pushed them. I pulled those changes from server, merge them (if needed). But when I tried to commit merge above, got next error – “Commit failed, unexpected status r091” and two file names […]

Downloading data using Github

Complete novice in this. All I want to do is extract these files into any .csv or .xls or similar format. committee-membership-current.yaml from & I see alot of code, where do I plug it in an run!? ha ha , you see I told you I was novice . Surely theres gotta be […]

How do I get rid of the warning “Untracked cache is disabled on this system.”

When running git status I often get multiple warnings: $ git status warning: Untracked cache is disabled on this system. warning: Untracked cache is disabled on this system. warning: Untracked cache is disabled on this system. warning: Untracked cache is disabled on this system. warning: Untracked cache is disabled on this system. warning: Untracked cache […]

Bare git repo post-receive hook no longer able to checkout

I have the common setup of a bare git repo on a web server using a post-receive hook to automatically checkout changes to a web site. This has been working great. However, a coworker recently cloned the bare repo (git clone <ssh url>), made some changes on their local repo, committed them, and then pushed […]

Configuring SSH keys for git to use when not in Git Bash

I’m fairly new to git and have rarely used anything but Windows for programming. I’ve set up a React app using create-react-app, and used gh-pages to deploy it to my project page. I’ve set up an SSH key on my local machine and added it to my github SSH Keys. Running ssh-agent and ssh-add […]

Github – no write access to team's repo in organisation

On Github, I am a member of a team in an organisation with ‘maintainer’ status. We have some repos under the team page, but I cannot git push (have write access?) to any of them. Can someone please tell me what has to happen for me to have write access to the repos?

using ssh-agent for authentication in IntelliJ

I’m trying to use IntelliJ (well, actually CLion) with Perforce via ssh. In order for this to work, the key needs to be loaded permanently. Normally this works for me with ssh-agent, for which i enter the key password once and it keeps it loaded. However, when I launch CLion, it doesn’t see the ssh-agent […]

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