Merging a branch with deleted file back to master

In my master branch, I got 2 files: file1.txt file2.txt I created new branch named b1 from there. In b1, I modified file2.txt, and accidentally deleted file1.txt (from disk, when I open windows explorer to the source folder, file1.txt isn’t there). Now I want to keep the changes in file2.txt and recover file1.txt from master […]

Creating a git alias to append to .gitignore

I’m using git 1.9.0 on Windows (msysgit) and I have the following alias: ignore = “!f() { echo $1 >> \”${GIT_PREFIX}.gitignore\”; }; f” And I use it like so: $ git ignore /Directory/Subdir/ This should append to my .gitignore file within the current directory, or create it if it doesn’t exist. However for some reason […]

Slow Git operations

I’ve got a test repository that I put under Git. Most of the files are pretty tiny but there’s a very large number of them and simply Git operations like add and status are taking tens of minutes to complete. What are my options for putting these under revision control and getting reasonable performance? Should […]

Where to put Git repository in Eclipse?

If I try to put repository inside project folder it warns it is not recommended to put git repository inside workspace. If I try to create intermediate folder it swears “overlaps the location of another project” at the stage of creating new project. And if I try to create project inside workspace and repository outside, […]

Github for Windows – Failed looking for HEAD error

I’ve been using Github for Windows and Mac successfully for some time now but all of a sudden I get the following error. “Failed looking for HEAD in this repository” In the repository details view after opening a repository of mine. any help to clean this up would be appreciated.

Git : SSL Certificate Issues

I am running git commands in my cmd. It worked a while ago, but now whenever I use a git command the following error occurs fatal: unable to access ‘’ : SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate It worked a week ago, but not anymore when I didn’t change anything. This is […]

zsh theme for full path + display git changes

I’m looking for theme to display a full path + git (branch name + uncommitted changes + added files). Didn’t find any. something like this: /full/path/to/repo (master *+) would love a recommendation of one / a tip of how to edit an existing one (I am currently using Godzilla).

Ideas on deploying a Social Game's multiple branches

I’m struggling with the following scenario: We’re a team that’s developing an experimental social game on Facebook. Our team is scattered over the world and many times we have would like to have an automated mechanism to deploy a feature branch directly after a commit. I guess this is something akin to a CI solution […]

GitLab fork remote public repo

My organization has a dedicated machine for our GitLab install. I regularly work with other public projects ( and Github). I would like to have a repo on our GitLab with a branch that would track the remote Drupal or Github project, in addition to having our own development and production branches. Want this to […]

What is the opposite of `git filter-branch –subdirectory-filter`?

With git filter-branch –subdirectory-filter you can transform a subdirectory from the current repository into a repository on its own. What I’d like to do, however, is an opposite thing: create a repository that will contain the full contents of the current repository as a subdirectory, keeping the complete history as if they were always in […]

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