cannot sync from android repository

I’m trying to make sync according manual, so everything is good, except syncing 🙂 repo sync … Fetching projects: 5% (8/143) Initializing project platform/development … fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly error: Cannot fetch platform/development .. or Fetching projects: 2% (3/143) fatal: read error (Connection reset by peer) error: Cannot fetch platform/bootable/diskinstaller I’ve […]

How can I get git to work with a remote server?

I am the CM person for a small company that just started using Git. We have two Git repositories currently hosted on a Windows box that is our all-purpose Windows server. But, we just set up a dedicated server for our CM software on an Ubuntu Linux server named “Callisto”. So I created a test […]

error: cannot run ssh: No such file or directory

I am running into an issue when trying to do a git push on a Popen() function where I get an ssh error error: cannot run ssh: No such file or directory fatal: unable to fork I believe this error is due to the fact that ssh is not in my python scripts path? If […]

How to push part of a git repo to another repo?

i have a private project in a private repo and it’s very convenient to keep it as a single project. this way it’s easy to work on it using IDE without any special commands. but i also want to publish some part of it on github and update the public version sometimes. how can i […]

git merging local branch with remote branch

I have a remote git repository where I have a tag (tag-1) that is several commits back from master. I’m trying to take the very last commit (6337dcb1) and add that to an updated tag-1, creating a new tag called tag-2. I’m pretty new to git so I’m getting confused about the process that I’m […]

How to get the changes in following scenario?

I am trying to understand how git works. So I initialized an empty repo and added a file to it as following. cd /home/adnan/workspace mkdir git-test cd git-test git init touch README git add . git commit -m “initial commit” Now I cloned it this repo using the following sequence of commands cd /home/adnan/Desktop git […]

Egit ssh changes push & pull

In my office Eclipse is being used popularly and I have newly installed GIT and Egit plugin for Eclipse. I’m not CVCS or DVCS user and I’m asked to install and configure Egit. I could able to clone a remote projects Graphically with Egit between Ubuntu desktop systems. Where I’m failing to understand is, when […]

pass “git describe” output to Java code

Is there a way to pass the output of git describe –tag to my Java application at compile time? I’d like to use that in my about box to display version info. I’m using Eclipse to build, but I can use ant if necessary. With C code, I can pass -D’REV=”$(shell git describe –tag)”‘ to […]

“invisible” master project for submodule contributor

I have project A, standalone, on git server X, where I am a simple user with only RW rights to my project A. Then I have project B, on server Y, which is depending on A (so I suppose it’s going to be a submodule of A). On server X I am the only user […]

Managing project dependencies in GIT

I’m new to GIT and I’m having long thoughts about how to use GIT to manage my projects structured as below. CODE1 L .metadata L appleserver L shared-code-archive = common with bananaserver L logger-archive = common with bananaserver CODE2 L .metadata L bananaserver L shared-code-archive = common with appleserver L logger-archive = common with appleserver […]

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