Why is `git show` indentation inconsistent?

When I execute git show I’m seeing inconsistent indentation. The file uses a mix of “8-space” tabs and spaces, and I’ve run git config core.pager ‘less -x8’. The source file appears as expected, and most of the output of git show is as I expect, but this one: +convert_size_by_transform_scale(int32_t *width_out, int32_t *height_out, + int32_t width, […]

Adding a Local GIT Repository to a Gogs Docker Container

I’ve installed Gogs using Docker. Subsequently I have created a local repository like this (In reality the repository has multiple branches, etc. but I’m just keeping this example simple): mkdir repository cd repository git init touch README.md git add README.md git commmit -m “How do I get this into Gogs” How do I now migrate […]

What does the '^{}' at the end of a git tag mean?

when running this command to obtain all available versions from origin… git ls-remote –tags | grep -i ‘refs/tags/dev-[0-9]*\.[0-9]*\.[0-9]*’ | sort -r | head | grep -i ‘[^\/]*$’ I get a list of unusual tags with unexpected endings: From **** *******93c7d**************** refs/tags/v0.0.11 *******bc823**************** refs/tags/v0.0.12 *******dcde9**************** refs/tags/V0.0.0 *******64632**************** refs/tags/V0.0.1^{} *******1c2a1**************** refs/tags/v0.0.8^{} *******6983d**************** refs/tags/v0.0.5 *******b7070**************** refs/tags/v0.0.6^{} *******b11b1**************** refs/tags/v0.0.3 […]

Accessing commit history from github via terminal?

Need some quick help. Novice terminal user here. Trying to use these instructions: https://developer.github.com/v3/repos/statistics/#commit-activity to get commit history for a specific user. However, I don’t know what to do with this: GET /repos/:owner/:repo/stats/contributors When I replace the owner and repo with the specific names i’m using, nothing happens because I get this error in my […]

git-p4 migrate branches in different subdirectories

I want to migrate source code tree from perforce to git. The source code contains several dev branches scattered across perforce depot, not necessarily in the same directory. for example the structure is something like this – //depot/dev/project/master //depot/dev/project/branch1 //depot/dev/project/branch2 //depot/dev/sub-project/branch3 //depot/dev/sub-project/branch4 //depot/patch-project/branch5 //depot/patch-project/special/developern/branch6 I went though git-p4 documentation https://git-scm.com/docs/git-p4 BRANCH DETECTION section and also […]

Merge two git repositories into one, keeping (renamed) master branches

Preamble I have two separate projects that grew into one. They both have their own git repository. /project/ /project/app/ /project/app/.git/ /project/helper/ /project/helper/.git/ Both git repositories have some unique branches, and both have of course their own master branch. Question I would like to merge both projects into one like so: /project/.git/ The unique branches aren’t […]

remote: ImportError: No module named gitlab

I wrote gitlab hook with python. And added to post-receive hooks in gitlab server. When i push to remote origin server from my laptop, i get following error. But it works when i run script manually in gitlab server. How can i solve problem? Counting objects: 3, done. Writing objects: 100% (3/3), 240 bytes | […]

What's the best way to look up why/when changes were made in a git?

I am inspecting the gem Shoulda as an example. Shoulda no longer has the methods assert_good_value. So my question is, what is the best way to figure out when and why it was removed, and what it might have been replaced by? So far, the only way I could think to do this is to […]

Equivalent of: git reset –hard –patch?

Is it possible to do equivalent of git reset –hard –patch? (as this gives me: fatal: –patch is incompatible with –{hard,mixed,soft}). In other words, how to do git reset –patch, but have the “unstaged” changes immediately discarded? (especially for newly added files – I don’t want them littering my working directory, as I have it […]

git clone, ignoring file

I want to clone a GitHub repo that has a giant .exe file in it. (why?!) I have zero use for the .exe file, and it is substantially bigger than everything else combined. Is there a way to ignore the file when I clone it? My guess is that I would have better luck asking […]

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