Conditional Post-Build step in Jenkins (Ideally without plugins)

If I understand correctly I can make a build step conditional using this plugin:

First does this plugin work the Post-Build steps?
Second is there a way to make Post-Build steps conditional without a plugin?

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  • The scenario I have is I am supporting both WebDriver and Selenium IDE tests with one universal Jenkins Job setup. If they have checked in either type of test it runs them. I then want it to conditionally look if any results files show up and if so then do the publish results Post-Build step, otherwise skip that step.

    Currently if no results show up it simply marks the build as a failure since no test results were found.

    Any suggestions would help!

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Conditional Post-Build step in Jenkins (Ideally without plugins)”

    You can make any Build step execute as Post-build step.

    • Install Flexible Publish plugin
    • Install Any Build Step plugin
    • Under Configure System, look for “Flexible publish”, and choose Any build step from drop-down.

    The configure Job.

    • In your Job configuration, add Post-build action called “Flexible Publish”.
    • Select condition.
    • Select action.
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