Xcode/Git Repository Settings Issue

I’m currently on a team of two (including myself) iOS developers. Every time one of us pushes and the other pulls, everything works fine but git shows immediate changes to the Project.xccheckout, with the following result from my git diff:

+ <key>IDESourceControlProjectName</key>
+ <string>XXXXX</string>
- <string>github.com:XXXXX/iOS.git</string>
+ <string>https://github.com/XXXXX/iOS.git</string>
+ <key>IDESourceControlProjectPath</key>
+ <string>XXXXX.xcworkspace</string>
- <string>ios/</string>
+ <string>..</string>
- <string>github.com:XXXX/iOS.git</string>
+ <string>https://github.com/XXXX/iOS.git</string>

When I push and he pulls, he basically gets the opposite (if I were to commit the changes and push them up). I had originally set up my local git to use HTTPS, whereas the other dev used SSL – and I suspect the issue was there. I tried to change my git config to use SSL instead, and I thought that would fix the issue, but it still remains. When I do git remote -v, the result is:

origin git@github.com:XXXXX/iOS.git (fetch)
origin git@github.com:XXXXX/iOS.git (push)

Which it seems to me would have fixed the issue, as this indicates I’m using SSL vs. the result prior which was:

origin https://github.com/XXXXX/iOS.git (fetch)
origin https://github.com/XXXXX/iOS.git (push)

Does anyone know what the cause of this issue is, or how to resolve it? I’m going freaking nuts having to clean out these useless changes all day.

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