xcode isn't displaying source control icons anymore

Here’s a crazy one…

XCode isn’t displaying the source control icons in the project navigator anymore. I’ve been using git for a while now (not to mention successfully in my current project for 3 years). For whatever reason, those little M, A, ?, etc… icons aren’t showing up anymore. More annoying is that the version browser doesn’t work at all now.

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    iMac:myAppName crewshin$ git status
    fatal: Reference has invalid format: ‘refs/remotes/origin/master (MBP.home’s conflicted copy 2013-01-20)’
    fatal: ‘git status –porcelain’ failed in submodule myAppName/Libraries/FMDB

    Something got corrupted in a submodule. No idea why but I removed it and re-cloned my repo. All good now. Thanks guys.

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