Xcode and git-lfs

I installed git-lfs using homebrew, and it works fine from the command line. I can still add text files in Xcode as well, but whenever I try in Xcode to add a file which should be tracked by git-lfs, there is no effect (the file stays “?” in Xcode’s file list, and the command line confirms that the file was not, in fact, added). After some research, I tried adding ~/Library/LaunchAgents/my.startup.plist to setenv PATH /usr/local/bin but it had no effect.

How can I get Xcode to play nice with git-lfs?

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    There seem to be a problem with using git-lfs with Xcode. See this article:

    Might be better off to stick with Git to commit your changes instead of doing it via Xcode.

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