Xcode 5 – remove source control for project

I been using source control for a project for while, but now I want don’t want to use source control. How do you remove source control for a project in Xcode 5?

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    There are three ways. Method 1 will disable source control for all projects. Method 2 will delete the link to a single repository for all projects. Method 3 will remove the link to a repository for a single project. I think Method 3 is the one you are looking for.

    1: Through Source Control Management Preferences

    In Xcode, choose Xcode-> Preferences, then select Source Control and uncheck Enable Source Control option.

    enter image description here

    2: Go to Xcode->Preference->Accounts->Repositories and delete them.

    enter image description here

    3: You can do it manually this way: Show Hidden Files on your Mac and delete all the .svn or .git or .tf files (according to the source control) folders from the project.

    Example svn directory:

    enter image description here

    The steps for Xcode 5 are the same as the steps for Xcode 4:

    Just remove the .git directory in the project folder. You should close the project in Xcode first to be safe.

    1. Quit XCode.
    2. Open Terminal.
    3. Navigate to the root directory of the project.
    4. Type find ./ -name .svn -exec rm -rf {} \;.
    5. Open your project.

    Your project should be disconnected from all repositories.

    NOTE: The command searches for all filenames with extension .svn and removes (recursively and forcefully) all of them.

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