xargs (or something else) without space before parameter

I would like to execute something like this (git squash):

git rebase -i HEAD~3

extracting the 3 from git log:

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  • git log | blabla | xargs git rebase -i HEAD~

    This does not work because xargs inserts a space after HEAD~.

    The problem is that I want to alias this command, so I cannot just use

    git rebase -i HEAD~`git log | blabla`

    because the number would be evaluated just when I define the alias.

    I don’t have to use xargs, I just need an alias (preferably not a function).

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    You can use the -I option of xargs:

    git log | blabla | xargs -I% git rebase -i HEAD~%

    Try this:

    git log | blabla | xargs -i bash -c 'git rebase -i HEAD~{}'
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