Working with remote Git repos without local reference

I have multiple git repos that I’d like to be able to get info from without having to have a local copy of each one. Space is the main issue.

The repos are on a provider’s server or else I would just run the php script local to the server. I’d like to be able to grab the commit history for each repo without having to have a clone of each repo and without having to run a pull or fetch each time.

Is this even possible?

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    If space is really the issue (and not bandwidth), you can have a script which, for each repos, would:

    • clone it as a bare repo (as Cupcake suggests),
    • do a git log and store its result in a text file,
    • delete the bare repo completely.

    You would need each time to clone again those repo to update the “git log” file, but again, if the bandwidth is correct(and the repos aren’t huge), that would minimize the disk space, and leaves you at the end with only a collection of “git log” files.

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