Working with Eclipse .classpath and project files in Git?

My firm is moving from PVCS to Git and I would like to know how can it help with the issues..

The current process is

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    • We check everything out of PVCS
    • We then open Eclipse and Import the files in
    • We then have to fix the .classpath and profile file due to all the stuff not having jars in same place
    • Lock File in PVCS
    • Make Changes in Eclipse
    • Copy File from Eclipse workspace to PVCS folder
    • Unlock File

    — That was the current process, very long and room for error

    What I would like to move everything to git and just do a git pull but I dont want the .classpath and project file issue like I have in PVCS all the time.. I am thinking can I tell git to only read the .classpath and project file and never update it?

    I would love to hear how old eclipse using are working with git and ant.. thanks

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Working with Eclipse .classpath and project files in Git?”

    You should put the .classpath file in .gitignore so that it never enters git in the first place.
    This way, each developer will have a purely local copy.

    To manage your dependencies, you should use Maven; its pom.xml is machine-independent and can live in git, and Eclipse can generate everything else from that file.

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