Working with Eclipse .classpath and project files in Git?

My firm is moving from PVCS to Git and I would like to know how can it help with the issues..

The current process is

  • We check everything out of PVCS
  • We then open Eclipse and Import the files in
  • We then have to fix the .classpath and profile file due to all the stuff not having jars in same place
  • Lock File in PVCS
  • Make Changes in Eclipse
  • Copy File from Eclipse workspace to PVCS folder
  • Unlock File

— That was the current process, very long and room for error

What I would like to move everything to git and just do a git pull but I dont want the .classpath and project file issue like I have in PVCS all the time.. I am thinking can I tell git to only read the .classpath and project file and never update it?

I would love to hear how old eclipse using are working with git and ant.. thanks

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    You should put the .classpath file in .gitignore so that it never enters git in the first place.
    This way, each developer will have a purely local copy.

    To manage your dependencies, you should use Maven; its pom.xml is machine-independent and can live in git, and Eclipse can generate everything else from that file.

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