Working on git repo without cd into directory

How would I run git commands on a repo when I am not cd’d into that directory?
i.e. git branch /repos/myrepo.git

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    Set the path to the repository. This can also be controlled by setting the GIT_DIR environment variable. It can be an absolute path or relative path to current working directory.

    Note that <path> above means the path to the actual git directory (project_dir/.git) not just the project directory (project_dir).

    Starting with git 1.8.5, use the -C option.

    git -C "/Users/michael/Development/Projects/opensource/dvsc-backup" status

    Otherwise, you have to specify --work-dir as well as --git-dir

    git --work-dir="/Users/michael/Development/Projects/opensource/dvsc-backup" --git-dir="/Users/michael/Development/Projects/opensource/dvsc-backup/.git" status

    –work-tree might do better 😉

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