Work with git on Windows 7 machine

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  • Using Git on Windows

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    Yes its possible. You can install Ubuntu on a virtual machine such as Vmware Workstation or Paralels Desktop or VirtualBox(free). The you can use it almost like an application. Or use msygit

    msysgit on Windows is the standard for using Git on Windows, and now, it is almost as good as running git on Linux. For the learning phase, especially if you are moving from SVN and TortoiseSVN, use TortoiseGit. But git is best used ( and enjoyed!) from the command line. So try to use the command line and understand the git concepts.

    Well, TortoiseGit has been working fine for me. It’s a native Windows application, adding Git features to the Windows Explorer’s context menu:

    Apart from the Windows app (if you want to keep running your ‘nux stuff), VirtualBox offers something called the “seamless mode” which enables you to use programs running on your virtual machine kind of seamlessly on your native desktop without the hassle of the other OS around it.

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