Why would a simple `git mv` fail?

I am trying to rename a file in a local .git directory:

git mv MyProj/src/ts0621/foobar.c NewProjName/src/ts0629/foobar.c

Yet, git fails with:

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  • fatal: renaming 'MyProj/src/ts0621/foobar.c' failed: No such file or directory

    I could swear that I had git mv working for me when renaming a subdirectory, but for some reason a simple rename of a file doesn’t work. Why?

    (I, of course, verified that the file MyProj/src/ts0621/foobar.c exists before attempting to issue this command)

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    Probably, because NewProjName/src/ts0629 doesn’t exist


    mkdir -pv NewProjName/src/ts0629
    git add NewProjName/src/ts0629

    add -f , if the path is relative, to increase git mv -f "originPath" "newPath"

    git mv -f MyProj/src/ts0621/foobar.c NewProjName/src/ts0629/foobar.c
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