Why won't groovy run in Jenkins pipeline?

I am currently trying to run a groovy script from my pipeline as one of my nodes, but I ran into this error:

[CompanyName] Running shell script
+ ./ideainspect.groovy
env: groovy: No such file or directory

Also, I tried installing the plugin for groovy, but for some reason, it won’t install. Whenever I refresh the page for tools, the installer goes away. Am I installing groovy wrong? Please help!

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  • Edit: Relevant Data

    stage 'Static Analysis'
    node {
        dir("Android/btMobileApp") {
            sh "./ideainspect.groovy"
            sh "./gradlew checkstyle lintDebug"

    And the ideainspect.groovy file is an executable with the shebang #!/usr/bin/env groovy, which could be the problem.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Why won't groovy run in Jenkins pipeline?”

    Does your jenkins user have groovy on its path? If so ditch the shebang and try

    sh ‘groovy ideainspect.groovy’

    If it’s not on the path, you can try

    sh ‘/usr/bin/groovy ideainspect.groovy’

    (or wherever groovy is installed)

    Or alternatively add it to the path environment variable using Manage Jenkins -> Configure Systems. This may not be appropriate if you have lots of projects using different versions of groovy

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