Why powershell and cmd.exe use the git config file is in C:\c\Users\xxx\.gitconfig?

I have installed git on my windows pc, when I run git config --global using powershell or cmd.exe, it’s writing to this file C:\c\Users\xxx\.gitconfig.

While when I run the git config command in git-bash, it’s operating this file:

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    How can I tell powershell and cmd.exe use the same file as git-bash??

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Why powershell and cmd.exe use the git config file is in C:\c\Users\xxx\.gitconfig?”

    I find the cause of the issue: I installed cygwin before, and it sets the HOME environment variable on my pc to c\Users\xxxx, that’s why powershell and cmd.exe is locating the file in that folder.

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