Why does my eclipse project not have a build path?

What is the advantage with not having a build path in eclipse? Why is that setting default when it’s like something you’d never use? It seems eclipse indigo was developed to make software development as obscure as possible. I just checked out a fresh copy of the project I checked in (called dungeonworld) this afternoon from another computer and automatically nothing works, can’t compile, can’t choose build path, can’t add jre, can’t add jdk, can’t add that to project properties.

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    It looks like you did not add Eclipse project metadata files to your source control system, so Eclipse doesn’t know what your build path is or whether it is even a java project. You can see that the little folder on your dungeonworld project is missing the little ‘j’, which means Eclipse doesn’t think it’s a java project.

    Go back to your other computer and look for the following files in your original project root…

    1. .project
    2. .classpath
    3. .settings/*

    Make sure all of the end up in your source control system or nothing will work right.

    Nothing above solutions worked for me so i tried below

    Right click on project >> properties >> project facets >> click on java

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    I have same problem, but i have solved

    project right click -> properties -> java build path -> src/main/sources

    all remove items on “Excluded”, and then that item turn the status “(None)”

    I tried below steps and it works for me.

    Right click on project >> properties >> project facets >> click on java

    Eclipse has a build path.
    It’s stored in a (by default hidden) .classpath file in your project.
    You can also access it through the UI in project properties (right click on your project, properties, java build path).

    There where no entrys after right click on my projekt in Eclipse. How to click something, wenn build path entries are missing. So my Eclpise didn’t detect my java project. I used following Maven command and after that I cleaned the project too. Now Projekt works as expected. So…

    If you are using Maven, try mvn eclipse:eclipse in cmd console in your project directory! Make sure to use the path to your Maven folder for the command.

    For example:

    cd C:\yourEclipseProject\
    C:\yourPathToMaven\apache-maven-2.2.1\bin\mvn eclipse:eclipse

    This was helping me. After unsuccessful web research, a coworker told me this tip.

    Don’t know the reason. But this works for me, so posting it.

    Right click on project -> ‘Properties’ -> ‘Java Build Path’.

    enter image description here

    enter image description here

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