Why does git difftool use git diff instead?

I want git diff to be a quick command line solution to see the difference between two files, and then I want git difftool to launch meld for a more graphical view of the file differences.

Currently, git diff does exactly what I want it to, however when I run git difftool script.js, git tries to launch vimdiff instead of meld:

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  • Viewing (1/1): 'script.js'
    Launch 'vimdiff' [Y/n]:

    If I specify the tool with git difftool -t meld script.js it tries to launch meld as it should:

    Viewing (1/1): 'script.js'
    Launch 'meld' [Y/n]:

    How do I get git difftool <filename> to launch meld while git diff <filename> still uses vimdiff?

    My .gitconfig contains the following:

         tool = vimdiff
        tool = meld
    [difftool "meld"]
        path = C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Meld\\Meld.exe

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Why does git difftool use git diff instead?”

    git config --global diff.tool meld

    This will set the default difftool to meld. I.e. when you invoke git difftool without the --tool parameter, git will run meld.

    You can also remove that part of your config, git won’t read difftool.tool as it’s not one of git’s known config options:

        tool = meld
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