Why do files in the working directory get the modified status on switching between Git branches?

I have two branches in my local git repository: master and anotherbranch. When I switch from master to anotherbranch with git checkout anotherbranch and run git status I see modified files.

I undo these modifications with git reset HEAD and then git status does not display them. However when I switch to master and switch to the branch afterwards I see these modified files again.

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    You wouldn’t have autocrlf set to true, by any chance?
    Because it can change your files on a checkout…

    See the thread “core.autocrlf considered half-assed”:

    Back then, I was not a fan of the core.autocrlf support.
    *But I have to admit that in the meantime, I turned into an outright un-fan of the feature. Not because its intent is wrong, but because its implementation is lousy.

    Just try to git reset --hard or git stash when there are files with DOS line endings and when core.autocrlf is not false.

    And then despair.

    If the items are not tracked in either branch, the files will show up in git status as untracked, and will survive across checkouts

    The git reset –hard will remove the modification from the index. Try with this additional argument it should be OK after that.

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