Why can I not add .jar to eclipse git repo?

I am using Eclipse Kepler for Java. Normally you can add internal/external .jars to a Java project in the build path located in the properties. Why, when I clone a git repo and import it into my projects, do I lose that ability? I don’t understand. I kinda need to do that.

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    This is probably because the .gitignore has been configured to ignore .jar

    Open the .gitignore file and remove the line *.jar, you should be able to add it.


    As an aside – usually, for Java projects .jar files are not committed to repository (as they are large & it can slow down repository cloning), instead maven or gradle is used to configure dependencies. Example – http://www.mkyong.com/maven/how-to-create-a-java-project-with-maven/

    Then when you want to work with eclipse just run mvn eclipse:eclipse to generate the necessary files. .gitgnore is usually set up to ignore *.class, *.jar, .project, .settings, .classpath

    I found that if you open the run configurations and go to the Classpath tab that you can add internal/external .jars. The run configuration can be accessed by clicking Run > Run configurations. I added my .jar to the user entries. The bootstrap entry caused a null pointer.

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