Why bitbucket send me a big 'X' notation after pushing?

Does anyone know why I received a big notation as shown below after pushing code? Thanks.

bitbucket remote message

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    Referring to this answer from last year.

    It is the same date (range) right now, they are celebrating the second anniversary of the declaration of same sex marriage as a legal right in the US.

    The ‘X’ is ‘Atlas holding up Earth’ from the Atlassian logo. Atlassian are the company behind bitbucket.org and various other products.

    enter image description here

    If you have a terminal with color capabilities, then it should be colored with the colors of the pride flag.

    This “X” is the Atlassian logo, the company which own BitBucket. check here : https://www.atlassian.com/

    It’s a new feature, it’s the atlassian logo.

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