which version control is best suited for me?

I know there are lots of questions with this title but I could find one which could clearly help me decide. I’m a part game developing team, and usualy there are 1 or 2 of each programmers, game designers, and artists envolved in a project. my main purpose is to keep the team in sync ( and the second important thing is to have a history of all thing we’ve done). Since there are non-programmers involved in the project i need the version control software you suggest to have a user-friendly gui to keep others from whining and make them shareevery thing they’ve produced through version control. While searching up until now I think I prefer to use SVN or GIT but I’m wondering which one suits our goals the best, can you suggest anything? (and I know about tortuisSVN and tortoisGIT)

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    I think the answer to this question need not be subjective. For his use case of game development ( involving lots of changing binary files ) and involvement of non-programmers, I would suggest SVN as SVN still has better handling of binary files ( through storage of diffs ) than Git and also, for a new comer, SVN is much more friendly than Git. In fact, I think Mercurial will be a good fit as well, but I feel TortoiseHg is not up to the mark with TortoiseSVN or TortoiseGit.

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