Which file permissions are impacted by Git's core.sharedrepository setting?

There is a config setting in git that is named core.sharedrepository and which to my understanding impacts the way that git deals with file permissions.

My question is what files are meant?

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    • the files in the /home/user/project/.git subfolder?
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    • all files /home/user/project ?

    the background to my question is that the files in /home/user/project/.git are created world readable -rwxrwxr--. I would like to have all files only accessible to either the specific user or at least a groupid member

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Which file permissions are impacted by Git's core.sharedrepository setting?”

    The setting affects both the files under .git (the repository itself) and the working copy. Having read or write permission to one but not the other would not be very useful, as most git operations require access to both.

    If you have world-readable files in .git, check your umask. Does it allow this? You can test this by creating a file with touch and check its permissions.

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