Where to find Qt's commits?

There’s a regression in Qt 4.6.2 on Windows (setting border color from stylesheet does not work) that I decided to fix myself.

This bug was originally reported in Qt 4.4, and was fixed in Qt 4.5, around December 2008. Unfortunately I cannot find the corresponding commit in http://code.qt.io/cgit/, probably because the commit is anterior to the switch to Git (or it was made during the transition).

Where I can find this commit?


For reference:

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    Can you narrow down the Qt versions, to find one where the problem existed, and then a later one, where it was fixed? If you can find a reference to the bug in the Qt Version Changes page, this will you give you the exact pair of versions you want.

    If so, I’ve found that, with this information, I can usually locate the changes for a bug-fix by downloading the source code for 2 different versions of Qt, and then comparing the relevant source files.

    A diff’ing tool like Meld or Araxis Merge can be really useful for this.

    It seems like the older repository (“qt-history”) has never been public, and doesn’t exist anymore:


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