Where is the .git repository stored on Microsoft TFS 2015

I have a new TFS 2015 server which we’re using with Git, and I need to ensure that it is backed up properly.

In a standard TFS server, I’d just back up the SQL server database to ensure that the TFS is backed up.

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  • In a standard .Git “server”, I’d back up the .git directory on the machine that has been designated to be the server in which the repositories are placed for the purposes of backup.

    However, I’m having some difficulty in determining where the .git directory would be on a TFS server when one uses it as a front-end for .git.

    I need to ensure our repositories are safely backed up to tape – does anyone know how TFS implements git repos, and in particular where the actual .git directory would be stored for each repository that is being served up by TFS?

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    In TFS the Git repository is stored in the SQL database together with all the other data. As long as you have a correctly configured full server backup of the TFS server, your Git Repositories are safe.

    enter image description here

    There is no local folder on the TFS server containing the repositories.

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