Where does Gitosis store its files?

Firstly, I know about this post: Where does gitosis store the working copies?. But I’m consider to create this message to concrete the answer of that.

Where does gitosis store the working copies?

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  • Can anybody, please, make some concrete?

    Can I do this trick via post hooks? I have exactly same problem, and think about how to make newly pushed files accessible for a web server virtualhost, where’s application is store.

    Are there any examples maybe?


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  • One Solution collect form web for “Where does Gitosis store its files?”

    The problem from the previous question was:

    how can I manage to write my deploy-script without knowing the path of the working copy?

    The answer is: you alone can determine that path, because gitosis like gitolite only manage bare repos, which, as their name suggests (bare) are without working tree.

    I would suggest to:

    • use gitolite instead of gitosis (obsolete and no longer maintained)
    • use a VREF (an update hook) which can deploy the repo in any working tree of your choice, with a hook content similar to this one.
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