When does git pull cause merge between multiple branches?

I’m trying to understand the circumstances that caused git to merge a feature branch I was working on into the main develop branch after switching to the develop branch.

I was able to revert the merge but it took the better part of a day to fully resolve and I’d like to avoid it in the future.

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  • Here is the workflow:

    After working on my feature branch I need to work on a bug fix.
    My feature branch (refs/heads/feature/uploader/90) has been kept up with the main develop branch with:

    git merge origin/develop

    Then I need to switch to the develop branch:

    git checkout develop

    git outputs:

    Switched to branch ‘develop’
    Your branch is behind ‘origin/develop’ by 88 commits, and can be fast-forwarded.

    Then when I issue a pull:

    git pull origin refs/heads/develop

    For some reason it looks like git has decided to merge my feature branch into develop, the output looks like this:

    branch develop -> FETCH_HEAD
    Fast-forwarding to: 102301bcc51fc6d7978e5287df9d031d82e53bc9
    Trying simple merge with d139bab0a96df01408f82110e38b6e0b6b98e6e6
    Merge made by the 'octopus' strategy.

    And my commit log shows me committing:
    Merge branches ‘feature/uploader/90’ and ‘develop’ of github.com:MakerStudios/dashboard into develop

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  • One Solution collect form web for “When does git pull cause merge between multiple branches?”

    This is what is known as a fast-forward merge.

    It happens (by default) any time you do a merge where all the changes in the branch on which you reside are already present in the branch you’re trying to merge in.

    So, since in your above example refs/heads/feature/uploader/90 already contained all the changes in refs/heads/develop, instead of creating a true merge commit, git just moved the ref develop to point to the same commit as feature/uploader/90.

    You can avoid this behavior by doing git merge --no-ff, which will not fast-forward, or changing the merge.ff property to false.

    Undoing an undesired fast-forward merge is not as difficult as you make it out to be: just git reset --hard to the last commit before the stuff which came in on the merge.

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