What's the “proper” way to delete files from a ClearCase snapshot?

When I delete a file from my snapshot view, the next time I look at the snapshot in ClearCase Explorer, it shows the “??” checked-out-but-removed icon. When I run “Find Modified Files” on the snapshot, the deleted files aren’t shown. Running “Update View” on the snapshot causes ClearCase to re-copy the missing files back into my view.

What I want to happen is this: when I delete a file from my snapshot, and do an update, the file should be deleted from the view, just as if I had deleted it through ClearCase from a dynamic view. What’s the best way to accomplish this?

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    If you delete the file from the ClearCase Explorer, you shouldn’t have any issue: it will

    • checkout the parent directory
    • rmname the file
    • checkin the parent directory

    But if you do it directly from a shell or a Windows Explorer, then ClearCase won’t be informed of the operation, hence the “??” checked-out-but-removed status.

    With a dynamic view, you cannot remove a file without ClearCase knowing about it, since a dynamic view is an encapsulation of the file system managed entirely by ClearCase.

    Now let’s suppose you have deleted a bunch of check-out files directly from the native filesystem (not from the ClearCase Explorer or an IDE with a ClearCase plugin), and that you want those files to stay deleted!

    Then a way to reconcile the two status would be to:

    • cleartool update . (at the root directory of the snapshot view)
    • parse the generated “.updt” file and for each checked-out file, rmname it (like in this article)
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