What svn command would list all the files modified on a branch?

In svn, I have a branch which was created, say at revision 22334. Commits were then made on the branch.

How do I get a list of all files that were changed on the branch compared to what’s on the trunk? I do not want to see files that were changed on the trunk between when the branch was created and “now”.

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    This will do it I think:

    svn diff -r 22334:HEAD --summarize <url of the branch>

    You can also get a quick list of changed files if thats all you’re looking for using the status command with the -u option

    svn status -u

    This will show you what revision the file is in the current code base versus the latest revision in the repository. I only use diff when I actually want to see differences in the files themselves.

    There is a good tutorial on svn command here that explains a lot of these common scenarios: SVN Command Reference

    This will list only modified files:

    svn status -u | grep M

    -u option will display including object files if they are added during compilation.

    So, to overcome that additionally you may use like this.

    svn status -u | grep -v '\?' 
    echo You must invoke st from within branch directory
    SvnUrl=`svn info | grep URL | sed 's/URL: //'`
    SvnVer=`svn info | grep Revision | sed 's/Revision: //'`
    svn diff -r $SvnVer --summarize $SvnUrl
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