what should be in the git description file?

After initialising a new local repo there is a description file present.

What is it used for and how should I format it? Or is it simply a local helper file.

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  • This thread Accessing git‘s `description’ file suggests one style, but no man page or other reference to why it should be the way it is.

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    description file is only used by the GitWeb program ( to display the description of the repo on the GitWeb page)


    Otherwise, how you use it is left to you and I don’t see a point in a “style” for it.

    The description file can also be read by hook scripts or other scripts pertaining to the repository. For example, one popular hook script, post-receive-email, sends an email to all members when a commit is made to the repository, and uses the contents of the description file as the name of the repository in the email subject.

    description is just a text file that is shown as project description in web frontend.

    Just write there something that explains what the repository is about.

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