What is the git equivalent of Mercurial revsets?

Mercurial has a domain-specific language called revsets that allows users to specify sets of revisions.

For example, you might want to list patches that haven’t yet been merged into the branch default:

hg log -r "all() - ancestors('default')"

As a more complex example, the link above gives the example of listing changesets between the revision tagged 1.3 and the revision tagged 1.5 which mention “bug” and affect a file in the directory hgext:

hg log -r "1.3::1.5 and keyword(bug) and file('hgext/*')"

The revset language is quite rich, allowing selection of changesets based on dates, username, commit message, whether the commit exists at a particular remote location, and so on.

Does git have an equivalent mechanism for querying changesets, either in the core program or available as an extension?

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To list all commits exept from the default master branch, like I assume the first example does:

git log --all --not master

To get a reslult somewhat equal to the second example:

git log 1.3...1.5 --grep="bug" -- hgext
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