What is the effect of “Make depth sticky” in subversion?

I’m having a hard time finding clear documentation on the behavior of using a sticky depth setting on an SVN working copy. In SVN when using the “Update to Revision” dialog there is a “Make depth sticky” checkbox.

What are the effective differences between making depth sticky and non-sticky?

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    When the depth is sticky, you’ll will update with the same settings each time you update. If the depth isn’t sticky, next time you update you will revert back to the former setting, pottentially downloading everything recursively (that is maybe a lot of data).


    It seems that “fully recursive” is currently broken. I need to test more, but the latest version seems to have the problem.

    To achieve the effect you want you probably want to use the “Choose items…” dialog and check everything out, then use “Exclude” to avoid bringing in changes for folders you don’t want.

    It is related with Sparse Directory checkout and update. Explained in detail here.

    If you are having problems with externals download from Sparse Directory you can check this.

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