What is intermediate directories in SVN?

I just started to learn SVN.
Please give me your advice to understand below basic theory.

The svn copy and svn move command have an option called –parents.
It says without --parents option, it would not create intermediate directories.

Could anyone tell me what is intermediate directories?
Please Please assist me with your simple examples..

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    Let’s say you just created a new Java project in Subversion. You now have an empty directory, and you want to create a directory for your source files. I like to follow Maven directory structure even if I’m not using Maven. Maven says my source files should be under the src/main/java directory. Since my company is VegiBank.com and this is their foundation project, I want to create the directory src/main/java/com/vegibank/foundation. I could do this:

    $ svn mkdir src
    $ svn mkdir src/main
    $ svn mkdir src/main/java
    $ svn mkdir src/main/java/com
    $ svn mkdir src/main/java/com/vegibank
    $ svn mkdir src/main/java/com/vegibank/foundation

    I have to first create the directory in order to create the subdirectory. However, with the --parents option, I can replace all of those with a single command:

    $ svn mkdir --parents src/main/java/com/vegibank/foundation

    That makes the entire directory tree without me creating each single subdirectory one at a time.

    See mkdir -p for the functionality svn is mimicking.

    svn cp foo bar/baz/foo

    If bar or bar/baz do not exist then the copy will fail.

    svn cp --parents foo bar/baz/foo

    If bar and/or bar/baz do not exist then they’ll be created automatically.

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