What is a changelist in IntelliJ IDEA?

What is a changelist in IntelliJ IDEA? Is it similar to a commit? When adding one, I have the following options:

  • Name (text field)
  • Comment (text field)
  • Make this changelist active (checkbox)
  • Track context (checkbox)

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    Changelists, when used with Git, is a way to split your index (i.e. the files you have added to git) into logical filesets. See Using Git Locally with IntelliJ IDEA

    Those changelists can represent whatever you want (a task, a fix, a merge etc), but they are not git commits.

    You can commit one or several changelists.

    default changelist

    When you add a file to the Git Index, IntelliJ IDEA adds your file to the default changelist, named… “default”.

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