What Happens When Import Git Repos to GitLab

I am wondering if someone could please help me understand what exactly happens when we import Git Repos to Gitlab. Does metadata change? Are some database entries made on Gitlab side. The reason I am asking this is why we cannot use gitlab without importing git repos to gitlab first. Is there a way to make gitlab work with git repos out of the box without importing them.

Furthermore, any helpful links that describe overall architecture of gitlab and how its different components interact or its workflow?

Any help would be highly appreciated.


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    To host a repository on Gitlab, you must first create the repository in the web interface. The project page will give you a repo URL.

    Push an existing repo to GitLab

    If you want to add an existing git repo to gitlab:

    git remote add gitlab <gitlab repo URL>
    git push gitlab master

    Creating a new repo and push to GitLab

    If you’re starting a repo from scratch, you can either clone it empty and add stuff to it like this:

    git clone <gitlab repo URL>
    cd repo_folder
    # copy files there, create new ones,...
    git add your_files
    git commit -m "Added new files"
    git push origin master

    Or, initialize a git repository (in empty folder or folder that has existing code, both are OK), then add/commit:

    cd some_project_folder
    git init
    git remote add gitlab <gitlab repo URL>
    git add .
    git commit -m "Initial commit"
    git push gitlab master
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