What happens if you interrupt a Git push?

I ran the following command:

git push -u origin master

The “push” was very big, many files, so it was taking time to upload. Halfway through I noticed I forgot to add a couple of files. So I did "Ctrl + C" in terminal (interrupting Git), and then after doing git add . , I committed again, and then pushed again.

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    EDIT: Hooray! Nothing seems to have gone terribly wrong. All I did was push again, and everything works. :{

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  • One Solution collect form web for “What happens if you interrupt a Git push?”

    The upstream Git repository will be oblivious to your attempted push, and no change will occur upstream. Unfortunately however, as it doesn’t do anything with the half-pushed files, it doesn’t store it and then expect a continuation of the push later on either. So it’s either push or don’t push, there is no try;)

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