What files should be committed to github for an eclipse project

What files should I commit to github so that its a valid Eclipse project ?

I am just committing my source files and packages but when I try to re-create the project I receive this error ‘no projects found’ :

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    I think I need to also commit the .project file ?

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    You need to commit your:

    • .settings dir
    • .classpath file
    • .project file

    The better idea will be to use maven for your project so that
    you will have a common configuration for all the IDEs (eclipse, netbeans, ideaj …) and no need to push your eclipse specific configuration.

    For a typical Java SE Eclipse project, you must commit .project and .classpath files, but not necessary .settings folder. I tested this scenario by committing one project from my windows environment and cloning that onto my Linux environment; Eclipse imported and run this project without any error. Hope this tip helps you reduce committing one folder (the .setting).

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