What does “changeset stripped” mean?

Under the column Recent Activity on a Bitbucket repo, there’s the following entry:

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    Changeset stripped from <repo-name>

    is Bitbucket parlance for

    this commit used to be in the history of <repo-name>, but has since been deleted by a force push.

    You can reproduce the situation in a toy repository. Create an empty repository on Bitbucket, clone it, then cd to the clone’s root directory and run the following:

    # create a first commit
    $ touch README
    $ git add README
    $ git commit -m "add README"
    $ git push -u origin master
    # create a second commit
    $ printf "hello world\n" > README
    $ git commit -am "modify README"
    $ git push
    # "delete" the second commit
    $ git reset --hard master^
    $ git push --force

    In the remote repo, under Recent history, the second commit (now deleted) will be marked as Changeset stripped from <repo-name>:

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