What do these git symbols mean?

In git, what does the at symbol and curly braces mean?

git reset --soft HEAD@{1}

Likewise, what do double hyphens mean? Not as an option, but as used like so:

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    I’m sure this is referenced somewhere obvious, but I’m having a hard time finding it. Also, searching for non-alphanumeric symbols is difficult.

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    The at and curly braces are documented in the gitrevisions manual page.

    In your example, it means the prior value of the HEAD ref – whatever commit HEAD pointed to before your most recent commit or checkout or whatever.

    The double hyphens separate flags from non-flags (usually filenames, but sometimes other things like branch names or remote names). You can use -- to make sure git doesn’t treat the argument after the -- as a flag, in case it might look like one.

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