Webstorm Git new remote repository: Push to origin/master was rejected

Simple question: In webstorm, how do I push my local directory to a remote server to make a new remote repository?

I created a local repository using webstorm as defined here: https://www.jetbrains.com/pycharm/help/setting-up-a-local-git-repository.html#createNewRepository

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  • Now I have a local directory with a .git in that directory.

    I copied that .git file and put it on my remote server and renamed it as myRemote.git

    In webstorm I: git remote add origin z:\myRemote.git

    Then in webstorm I add files and push using the webstorm dialogs.

    I receive an error:
    Push rejected
    Push to origin/master was rejected.

    What does that mean? Any ideas how I can do this simple push to a remote easily?

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Webstorm Git new remote repository: Push to origin/master was rejected”

    You set up a remote repository by doing the following:

    On the remote server

    cd /some/path
    mkdir my-project.git
    cd my-project.git
    git init --bare

    Then, on the local machine (assuming there’s already a repo there)

    cd /my/project/path
    git remote add origin ssh://my-user@host.server:/some/path/my-project.git
    git push --all origin

    To change the remote that’s not working, do

    git remote remove origin
    git remote add origin ssh://...

    Also, restart Webstorm/PHPstorm to invalidate cached settings, otherwise it wouldn’t work.

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