Visual Studio Team Services: delete repository

In Visual Studio Team Services, I mistakenly added a Git repository to an existing project which was under TFVC, so now the project has two repositories.

The problem is, I can’t find any option to remove this repository from the project. The only option I find is to delete the entire project (obviously not what I want to do).

Searching online yields no useful results, as all the articles appear to be about deleting a project, can’t find anything about removing a repository from a project.

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    In my case the solution from the comment by Pascal Berger worked: I’ve created a second, empty repository, and after I had two repositories the “Delete” option become visible when right-clicking any repository.

    Delete Git Repositories only available when you have multiple Git repos in one Git-based project. So there isn’t any way to delete the Git repo in your case. You can submit a feature request on Microsoft User Voice:

    In the Code hub on the top left there’s a drop down to select between different repositories. At the bottom of this dropdown there’s a ‘Manage repositories’ link.

    In the version control administration you can right-click the repository and choose ‘Delete repository’.

    Direct link is:

    Replace YourTenant and YourTeamProject with the appropriate values.

    If you don’t see the link in the dropdown or get an error message you most probably don’t have enough permissions.

    Delete the Team Project and the remaining repo will be deleted also. That way you’re not left with an empty Team project

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