Visual Studio gitignore and mdf, ldf files

I have a database project that generates these files and added to gitignore. However they don’t seem to be getting ignored and I need to revert them before commiting, quite annoying. The files are still locked by VS, is this a problem?

# Windows and Mac OS X Temp Cache Files

#Visual Studio files


#Project files

#Subversion files

# Microsoft Office Temp Files

# YoureOnTime specific files

# End of File

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    I need to revert them before commiting

    indicates that they are already versioned and were entered into .gitignore after they were added using git add.

    Two possible solutions:

    1. temporarily take them out of your .gitignore, then
      git rm --cached -- *.mdf and
      git rm --cached -- *.ldf.
      This will remove the files from the index while keeping them on disk. When done,
      git commit -m "removing crap from repo" and restore your .gitignore.

    2. If you don’t want to play around with your .gitignore, you could use update-index:
      git update-index --assume-unchanged -- *.mdf and
      git update-index --assume-unchanged -- *.ldf.
      This will force git to see the files as unchanged even if they were.

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