Visual Studio Code cannot detect cygwin git.exe path

I’ve just started using Visual Studio Code (on Windows) for new UI project I’ve just joined. I have my Path environment variable configured to point to my cygwin git executable as follows:


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  • I’ve verified that this is working by opening a Windows command prompt and successfully executing Linux commands. However, when I open the git project in Visual Studio Code, which looks to the path to resolve its “git.path” configuration, I get the following error:

    ENOENT: no such file or directory, lstat ‘C:\cygdrive’

    Explicitly configuration the Workspace Settings file (settings.json) doesn’t work either.

    Any ideas?

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    just create a symlink (windows): open a cmd prompt and use the following command:

    mklink /j "C:\cygdrive" C:\actual\path\to\your\cygdrive

    PS: For babun users, it would be your home directory:

    mklink /j "c:\home" C:\Users\{user}\.babun\cygwin\home

    I can not commet.
    For babun users, the command should be

    mklink /j "c:\cygdrive" C:\Users\{user}\.babun\cygwin\home

    And after that, if you put your code in other path rather than under home, you should link the driver to home.For example, if your code path is D:\Codes\MyProject, you should run the command

    mklink /j "C:\Users\{user}\.babun\cygwin\home\d" D:

    I had a similar problem. Here is what fixed the issue for me.

    • I had to include git.exe in the path. On my system it looks like this: "git.path": "D:\\Programs\\Git\\bin\\git.exe". VS Code seems to expect that the file is included in this path rather than just the folder location of the executable.
    • I had to restart VS Code for the git path setting change to take effect.

    I hope this helps.

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