Visual studio 2015 Update 2, TeamExplorer: where is the exclude option?

Yesterday I updated to VS 2015 Update 2! I noticed the possibility to stage files in the TeamExplorer (

The new stage option

But why is the option “Exclude from change” gone? At least, i cannot find it anymore! I find this very anoying because I used this a lot for committing just one file! How can I commit just one file in the new VS 2015 update 2? Maybe i am overseeing something.

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    You can stage your one file and then CommitAll button will be changed to CommitStaged.
    So now if you have to commit one of 7 files you don’t need to exclude 6 other, but you have to stage just one.

    As has been said, Visual Studio now is closer to the git workflow. As such, the separate exclude option is gone, but the stage area respects the settings in the .gitignore file.

    So instead of using Visual Studio’s exclude option, use git’s .gitignore file to exclude files and directories. Additionally this will mean that other git tools also respect the ignored/excluded files.

    See here for a documentation of the .gitignore file:

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