Visual Studio 2015 and Git/TFS: Sync-Page-Error: Object not found – no matching loose object

I work with VS 2015 Enterprise on a branch of a git-repository that is pulled from my remote origin (= TFS 2015).
I can change and commit something successfully. In the moment I go to the Sync-area in the Team Explorer I see an error on top:

An error occurred. Detailed message: Object not found - no matching loose object (<a 40-character-id is here>)

…and I don´t see my local commit in the list “Outgoing Commits” where I expected it to be.

But within the PowerShell I can execute “git push” without problems.

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    I saw this message in VS 2015 professional when trying to switch back from a feature branch to the master branch. restarting VS fixed it.

    If you reproduce this issue on another client machine by pulling the same git-repository from TFS, you may need to have a new branch from the original.

    If you have the same issue pull another git-repository from TFS on the same client machine, you may try to clean the cache file on your client machine: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Team Foundation\6.0\Cache, and try resetting settings and add-in settings (devenv /ResetSettings) and (devenv /ResetSkipPkgs), try rebuilding all templates (devenv /setup).

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