virtualenvwrapper: where is virtualenv info stored?

I regularly use setvirtualenvproject /path/to/my/project/ to set the root/base directory of my virtual env. This is useful when switching to a virtual env using workon myenv.

I was wondering though, if this path is available anywhere else?

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  • In my case, I want to run a pre-push hook in git, and need to get the full path to some of my files.
    e.g. something like this in my pre-push hook:
    do_something $VIRTUALENV_PROJECT/my/important/file.txt

    Is there any way I can retrieve this ‘virtualenvproject’ info, or where is it stored?

    I’ve tried looking in env, the .virtualenvs dir and every other place I can think of, but I just can’t find where the info’s stored.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “virtualenvwrapper: where is virtualenv info stored?”

    OK, seems like there were no quick takers… I ended up looking at the source, which shows that the path is dumped into $venv/$VIRTUALENVWRAPPER_PROJECT_FILENAME.

    A simple echo $VIRTUALENVWRAPPER_PROJECT_FILENAME will show you the name for your project settings (default is .project)
    The fact that it’s hidden is what was killing me.

    So now I know this, I can do a simple:


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