View a git diff-tree in a reasonable format

I’m about to do a git svn dcommit to our svn repo — and as is recommended in a number of places, I wanted to figure out exactly what I was going to be committing with a dry run. As such I ran:

git svn dcommit -n

This produced output:

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    diff-tree 1b937dacb302908602caedf1798171fb1b7afc81~1 1b937dacb302908602caedf1798171fb1b7afc81

    How do I view this in a format that I can consume as a human? A list of modified files comes to mind. This is probably easy, but running git diff-tree on those hashes gives me a reference to a directory and a some other hashes, as well as some numbers. Not quite sure what to make of it.

    Thanks very much,

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    Don’t use diff-tree, use diff:

    # full diff
    git diff 1b937da~1 1b937da
    # list of files, with status M/A/D/R/C (modified, added, deleted, renamed, copied)
    git diff --name-status 1b937da~1 1b937da
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