Versioning with Visual Studio 2010 and HG

Recently me and my team got a HG repository for versioning as this would make it easier and better to develop our application.

We are using Visual Studio 2010 and c#

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    Unfortunately, when one of us commits, usually the other gets an error of some kind when opening the solution (due to the various files VS has)

    My question is: what files should be put under version control? (and removed in my case!)

    PS: we have 3 Projects: (using XNA) game, contents, test

    Thank you very much!!!


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    At least you need these in your .hgignore:

    syntax: glob

    Add as needed. But don’t overignore as you can lose data that way. For instace @Darin’s answer causes you to stop tracking of private key files (.snk).

    I use below and it came from Rob Conery on his tutorials for mercurial ( & at tekpub. It’s on a git repo and was originally for VS 2K8 but works just fine for 2K10.

    syntax: glob


    Here’s a list of files and directories I exclude from version control in the case of directory I exclude recursively everything from this directory):


    Here are a few more:

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