versioning control using java programming

In my Java project I need to add versioning control to the files(Like SVN), maintain different versions to the same named files in same folder. Please help me how to do this in java programming.
Eg: in my project,i maintained a folder which have set of images which are uploaded by user.but user can upload same named image n number of overcome this overhead i planned to maintain versioning to each image which are same (same named).

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    Source control code is not the way to do this. Rename the files to a uuid as they get uploaded and build a map of original filename->uuid filename with timestamps that you can then lookup or expire as needed.

    I agree with awm. Version control is not for binary files. However, if you insist to do it like that, SVN has an API that you can use. You can access it directly from your code to commit code, update code, etc.

    Here’s a place to start:

    Go checkout out the SVNClientManager under “Subversion Client and IDE Integrations
    Subversion clients and IDE integrations”

    Good look.

    (of course, I haven’t used SVN in ages… I ‘git’ joy from a much better tool… :-))

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