Version Control with Bitbucket (Git) throws error “no current branch”

I took over a project built with Cordova, Ionic and AngularJS to finally create a hybrid mobile app.

Source code is stored on using Git; originally (before I took over) the code was downloaded from there.

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  • On v1.0 can be found; locally the code is v2.0.

    Now I want to upload v2.0, but receive the message in IDE WebStorm 11.x: Can´t update: no current branch. You are in 'detached' state, which means that you're not on any branch. Checkout a branch to make update possible.

    Note: Clicking the right little botton on the buttom showing versus origin/develop (which is the one on Bitbucket) and the on merge provides the message Already up-to-date, which is not true as files are(!) different.

    git reflog says:

    28ac44d HEAD@{0}: commit (merge): Merge remote-tracking branch
    ‘origin/develop’ into HEAD 338ffde HEAD@{1}: checkout: moving from
    develop to 338ffde8364f6bbf860d61b86eecbef8e84fe708 6399852 HEAD@{2}:
    commit (merge): Merge remote-tracking branch ‘origin/develop’ into
    develop 05e819c HEAD@{3}: merge remotes/origin/master: Merge made by
    the ‘recursive’ strategy. 338ffde HEAD@{4}: commit: Version 2.0.0
    2c9fc80 HEAD@{5}: clone: from

    What do I have to do now?

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