Validate if commit exists

How to validate whether the commit with given sha exists in current branch?

There are many ways to parse outputs, but I need optimal way which returns boolean (for usage in bash script).


if [ -z `git magic --validate $sha` ]; then
  echo "Invalid commit sha: $sha"
  exit 1

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    The rev-list | grep method works fine; there’s the tiniest bit of overhead because git has to print out all the SHA1s for grep to see, but it’s not really a big deal.

    You can also do it with git merge-base if you like – if the merge base of the target commit and the branch is the target commit, the branch contains the target commit:

    if [ "$(git merge-base $commit $branch)" = "$commit" ]; then

    Either way you do it, note that rev-list and merge-base are going to be printing out SHA1s, so if the commit you’re testing for inclusion is named by a branch or tag, you’ll want to use git rev-parse to turn it into an SHA1 first.

    git rev-parse --quiet --verify <commit>

    Does not actually verify that commit (I guess SHA1 is what is meant) exists. It verifies that there is an object in the database corresponding to the SHA1 provided. That is, if there is a blob or tree object that matches the SHA1, it will report that it exists, even if it is not a commit.

    git rev-parse --quiet --verify <sha1>^{commit}

    This will verify that the object exists and that it is an object that can be used as a commit (commit or annotated tag).

    You can look at the output of

    git rev-list HEAD..$sha

    If this command fails because the sha1 does not exist at all in the repository, the exit code will be non-zero. If the output is empty, the commit is in the current branch, and if it is non-empty, it is not. So your script would look like

    if revlist=`git rev-list HEAD..$sha 2>/dev/null` && [ -z "$revlist" ]; then

    In case you already know that $sha really names a commit (as a SHA1 hash or in any other way), this simplifies to

    if [ -z "`git rev-list HEAD..$sha`" ]; then
    git merge-base --is-ancestor $sha HEAD

    This tests if $sha is an ancestor commit for the current branch (HEAD), and exits successfully if it is.

    In your example,

    if ! git merge-base --is-ancestor $sha HEAD; then
      echo "Invalid commit sha: $sha"
      exit 1
    git rev-list branch-youre-interested-in | grep -q sha-youre-interested-in

    You can use the exit code from grep in conditionals.

    For the current branch,

     git rev-list HEAD | grep -q sha-youre-interested-in

    git cat-file prints information about the objects in the repository. “-e” checks if the object is valid and exits with a 0 status and when invalid exists with a 1.

    git cat-file -e 3d68db1028afe27a0055c2234f98fc945b1958f5
    echo $?
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